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Lone Pine

July 10, 2022

On episode 75, we travel to Lone Pine California.

Lone Pine is a small western town in the Owens Valley. The town is the base camp for climbers and hikers on their way to Mount Whitney. The annual parade of hikers and mountain climbers seeking to summit Whitney keeps a constant flow of people in the area to support local lodging, restaurants and visitor services.

You'll find Lone Pine situated between several major natural tourist destinations including Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Mammoth Mountain, Death Valley National Park and Yosemite National Park.  Nearby Lone Pine are opportunities for hiking, fishing and admiring some of the most beautiful backcountry of California.

If you love the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevadas or are a fan of the Western film genre, Lone Pine can be a great destination for you.

Visiting Lone Pine

Among the highlights on this episode, are the following attractions and activities: 


We discuss the RV park where we stayed during trip:

Boulder Creek RV Resort 



Begin Planning Your Visit Here

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Inspiring Your Future Travels

We hope this episode inspires you to consider a visit to Lone Pine.  

Which activities will you plan on your trip?   Drop us a line if you have an adventure in this city.


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